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The Patented Multi-Directional SideTracker Spreader Bar

The Patented, ChatterLures Multi-Directional Side Tracker Spreader Bar. ChatterLures side tracker bar design enables you to be able to switch the lure from port to starboard side on the fly (literally less than 2 seconds). If you do not have outriggers, add another clip to your riggers because our side tracker will now enable you to run 2 extra rods in your spread! Get these lures to that clean quiet water and hold on tight because these WILL be the first lures bit in your spread!

U.S. Patents: # US 10,368,533 B1, # US 11,089,771 B2, # US 11,819,015 B2, # US 11,825, 824 B2

How It Works

Spreader Bar

NOTE: Overall SideTracker performance varies based on distance from boat as well as speed, wind, and water conditions.